Hop Right Outta Bed With Luxury In These High-Heeled Bunny Slippers

There's some truth in that old sexist adage that, "There's no such thing as an ugly woman, just a lazy one." And, keeping that in mind, there's certainly no reason to roll out of bed looking less-than-glamourous. And now, you don't have to! The New Orleans-based mother-daughter design duo behind Streetzie Desire's High Heel Bunny Slippers come to the rescue with their irreverent and light-hearted collection of—what else—high-heeled bunny slippers. This collection of fuzzy footwear comes in three classic colors ("Perfect Pink," "Powder Blue," and "Classic Black"), and features a three-inch, silk-covered kitten heel, and stuffed bunny head (faux, of course!) on the peep-toe. The silhouette tips its hat to burlesque and Old Hollywood glamour, with a serious dose of Frederick's of Hollywood-style camp. And don't worry if your furry feet-friends start looking a bit shabby—Streetzie Desire's shoes come with a little, bunny-sized brush to gussy 'em up. We think these hoppy heels would be perfect for a bachelorette party, a hilarious Halloween ensemble (Sleeping Beauty, anyone?!), or frankly, just lounging around the house in a saucy, ostrich-feather trimmed, chiffon robe like a certain Managing Editor is planning on doing this weekend. Oh, and if you really are anything like the aforementioned M.E. of a certain site that begins with the letter "R" and ends in the number nine, you'll be happy to know that Streetzie Desire's personal brand of luxury will soon be available in white with a five-inch platform heel. Helloooo, Nurse!

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