Honey Dripper: Exclusive Outtakes from Derrick Cruz's "T" for T Magazine Shoot

The latest copy of the Bentley of Sunday inserts, the Times' T Magazine, landed on our doorstep this weekend, and, like every issue, the "well" of the book opened with a specially crafted "T" logo—this time by Derrick R. Cruz of Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons. Talk about spoiled for choice, it seems editor Stefano Tonchi can get just about any design darling to whip up a page for his 'zine. For the Design and Living Winter "Art Attack" issue, Cruz "attacked" the magazine with a gold "T" trapped in sugar glass to create his signature honeycomb motif. Out takes for Cruz's page—available here exclusively—feature a wax and X-acto knife composition that reminded Cruz of "Dexter" and another take on the sugar and gold logo, apparently a favorite among the mag's design staff. Again, it seems Tonchi and his production team were spoiled for choice.
T Photo by Stephen Lewis

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