We Taste-Tested Classic Store-Bought Cookie Doughs To Find The Chocolatey Winner

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Chocolate chip cookies are a dessert classic known for giving comfort to all who eat them. They're also known for causing full on baking brawls over which recipe is best. We would seriously be hard-pressed to find someone without an opinion on which dough is "the best" among store-bought brands.
Why? Because this simple sweet brings back nostalgic memories from the carefree days of childhood; the days when mom was too busy to whip up a fresh batch from scratch, so she turned to Toll House, or Pillsbury, etc., for a break and bake aide. Naturally, whatever brand you ate in your formative years became the ultimate "homemade" chocolate chip cookies that are still a go-to in adulthood. But if we set all that baked-in brand loyalty aside, which crispy, crunchy, or chewy chocolate chip cookie really does reign supreme in a taste test?
We decided to find out. So we put a handful of our team members up to the blind taste-testing, cookie dough challenge. Ahead we evaluate four break and bake rolls from these popular companies: the heavy-hitter classics, Pillsbury and Toll House; and trendy newcomers, Trader Joe's and Annie's. Scroll on to see what doughy insights were uncovered and how one die-hard Toll House fanatic may have become a T.J.'s choco-chip convert.
*Note: All cookies were baked together at the suggested packaging temperature of 350°F for 10-15 minutes (or until golden brown).

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