Homeless Hotspots: A (Horrible) New Way To Get Your Wifi?

Here's a new idea: Bartle, Bogle and Hegarty, a New York-based ad agency, is turning the down-and-out into the mobile and sought after. How, you ask? (Brace yourselves!) Homeless people as wifi hotspots. After forking over $2 to said homeless man or woman, you get 15 minutes of internet. Most (real) folks at SXSW, where the concept was first launched, are pretty dismayed with the ad agency, but one homeless man, Kevin Tucker, disagrees. Happy with the two buckaroos he didn't have fifteen minutes ago and, well, the free T-shirt that advertises the concept, Tucker says it's a "business opportunity." BBH is, of course, considering bringing the Homeless Hotspots to New York. Imagine a world where suits and skirts, armed with iPads, huddle around a smiling homeless man on the verge of making millions minimum wage. What do you think? Solution or exploitation? (Gothamist)

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