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Getting Out Of Town? These Genius Products Will Keep Your Home In Good Hands While You’re Away

Finally, the world is beginning to open back up again: Slowly but surely, vaccines are being doled out across the country, restaurants and museums are setting up shop, and the weather is getting warmer. So naturally, people are itching to experience the joy of going on vacation once more (Plane tickets! Hotel chocolates! Road trip playlists!).
That said, in case we’ve forgotten in the course of this past travel-less year, vacations aren’t without their worries. Leaving your home unattended can be a plenty stressful process of its own variety. From panicking over whether or not you remembered to unplug your hair straightener, to stressing about your dog at home with the sitter, there are plenty of scenarios that can keep you up at night. And the last thing you want to experience on your getaway is an ever-present anxiety about the place you got away from.
To put your mind at ease, we pulled together a master list of products that will keep your home safe and secure while you're out of town. From state of the art video doorbell systems to self-operating plant water gauges, these are the goods that'll ensure your home remains in good hands (specifically yours thanks to smartphone-accessible apps) in your absence.