How Many Of These Secret Fears Do You Relate To?

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Homes are a classic trope in many horror films. While the bad guy might change — maybe it's an uneasy spirit, maybe it's a serial killer in a mask — there's a reason it's so terrifying to imagine it all happening at home. If you're supposed to be safe (and safely alone!) anywhere, it's in your own home. That's probably why horror films don't usually take place in busy offices or crowded restaurants.
But you don't have to hear a panicked voice say, "The call was coming from inside the house!" to end up terrified at home. We asked our fellow R29ers to anonymously spill the details on what frightens them — rational or not — when it comes to their living spaces. From bed bugs to break-ins, here's what's really keeping us up at night. And while these might not have made it into the Friday the 13th franchise, that doesn't mean they're not scary as hell.

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