15 New Pieces For Instant Decor Cred

We've come across very few home decor pieces with the cred to make you look like an insider, and this scarcity has caused a sameness movement that has not only invaded our apartments but oversaturated our shelter magazines. It seems like all it takes to get featured on design blogs or certain Pinterest boards is to make sure your space boasts a few specific items. The recent "decorification" or our spaces has also given it a cookie-cutter feel.
Don't get us wrong — we're not saying we should throw our hands up and take to the online resale platforms, abandoning any and all trends. The reason for the overexposure is in part because certain items really are game-changing; they add an indescribable magic that most accessible-to-the-layman finds can't touch. But if you're tired of resorting to the same old tricks, we've got the upgrades that deliver that same zing, with an added element of surprise. So, let's shake ourselves of our interior cynicism and explore the new wave. There are updated design standouts ripe for the taking — if we can just admit that we still love this stuff. What will be the next see-through Starck chair? Take a seat, the answer's just ahead.

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