Going Overboard With Holiday Gifts? Maybe You (Kinda) Can't Help It

Trying to scale back and pinch a few pennies this holiday season? Good luck. While we're more than happy to indulge in jaw-dropping gifts for those we love, Psychology Today suggests that our extravagant, seasonal spending habits may be a more subconscious decision than we realize. In its report, "This Is Your Brain On Holiday Shopping," the experience of spending big bucks at big stores is essentially a case of sensory overload.
As broken down by Lifehacker, marketers use different triggers to stimulate shoppers' senses and emotions, which inevitably cause consumers to reach for their wallets. For instance, colors such as red evoke energy and spending, while the sound of those classic carols that play on repeat and the smell of fresh pine needles conjure feelings of nostalgia, which may cause you to purchase that extra present or drop a few extra dollars because, well, c'mon it's the holidays, right?
Of course, we have to argue that a few traditional holiday sights and sounds will not make every shopper suddenly forget their budget entirely. But if you do find yourself falling for all the marketing traps, at least a little e-tail holiday shopping can help control all the outside influencers. Check out the rest of the sensory signs in the full report. (Lifehacker)
Photo: Via One Kings Lane

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