High Gloss: 4 New Magazines We Hope Survive the Times

new_magazines_tar_dossierWe've all been hearing about the magazine industry's ongoing money woes but this morning we read more depressing stats, which got us a bit paranoid... if the likes of Vanity Fair and Vogue are being hit, imagine the stress on the little guys? All we know is we're planning an imminent trip to Universal News to stock up on our fave new independent titles. Our reading pile just wouldn't be the same without these four new bi-annuals:
Clockwise, from top left:
Tar: New York-based, 300-page "art and fashion book" printed on eco-friendly recycled paper. Focuses on social issues through art and visual language. First issue includes opera deconstructed, interview with Benicio Del Toro, and Condoleeza Rice's sex criminality (who knew?).
Fat: i.e. Fashion. Art. Type. The latest large format coming out of Denmark, printed on matte paper. Not a lot to read, but a lot to look at. No advertising, just the good stuff.
Dossier: Brooklyn-based arts and culture title—current issue includes editorial styled by Pamela Love, an homage to YSL courtesy of Zac Posen, plus some poetry. Pretty prolific. huh?
The Last Magazine: try and ignore the irony of the title, and focus on the pretty pictures in this mega format (21x23 inches!), fashion-focused glossy.

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