Hello Kitty Creator Introduces Fashion-Forward Pup, Rebecca Bonbon

With our school days behind us, we can't help but get a little back-to-school envy around this time of year. No more first-day-of-school outfits, no more fresh batches of No. 2 pencils, and the lack of Trapper Keepers in our life is getting depressing. But yesterday, we got to meet the lady who helped us relive some sweet childhood memories: Yuko Shimizu, the creator of Hello Kitty. The Japanese designer, who was about as precious as the cartoon itself, is introducing Rebecca Bonbon, her latest canine creation debuting in KMart stores across the country. Rebecca is the chicest Parisien-pooch-turned-NYC local with an apartment overlooking Central Park (can you pay rent in bones?), and loves to shop and nibble on treats (bonbons, we're sure). We chatted with Shimizu about the French bulldog who has expensive taste and apparently, plays well with the kitties.

Tell me about Rebecca Bonbon, how did the idea come about?
"I saw a French magazine with a picture of a dog, and it had the two-toned color. It was very cute. And I have a cat that has the two-toned color, too. They're very similar. I had the idea, and that's how I created Rebecca Bonbon."

Hello Kitty has 36 years on Rebecca Bonbon, do you image that they're good friends?

"Because of the difference in age, they can't be sisters, but this new character is a baby to me, so I would say they were."

What does it mean now that Rebecca Bonbon could be a fashion symbol?

"Well, she is a fashionable young baby, but eventually she would like to create her own brand. She knows what she's doing."

In that case, I'd like some advice from Rebecca Bonbon. What are her must-have items.?

"I would like Rebecca Bonbon to wear shiny things, and she enjoys all kinds of refined accessories."

Being a French bulldog, does she have any favorite French designers?


Even though she's a baby, bulldogs have wrinkles. What does she do to take care of her skin?

"I would like Rebecca Bonbon to dream always, to keep her youth."

Now that you're in New York City, what's your favorite place to bring Rebecca Bonbon?

"I would like to introduce Rebecca Bonbon throughout the world. I want Rebecca Bonbon to be happy and as a result, that brings joy to me."

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