The BEST Salad Toppings For Major Nutrition

Tackling your local salad bar is daunting, we know. The typical $8.99-per-pound payment scheme can be tricky, and we’ve previously guided you through the potential economic pitfalls to avoid. Still, if you can resist the pricey add-ons, you can get a healthy meal that's also budget-friendly. 
We chatted with nutritionist and founder of Primal Blonde Nutrition, Grace McCalmon, to figure out the healthiest items at the salad bar. She suggests you start with a bed of kale, which is packed with vitamins A, C, and K. “We know that nutrients in vegetables degrade days after harvesting, so unless you grow your own food, the amount of nutrients will be depleted,” McCalmon says. “Kale, since it has so much, is one of the better bets.”
Next up: Toppings. McCalmon chose 11 favorites that will give you energy to make it through your work day. You don’t have to add all of these to your salad — mix and match using whatever combination you like. Lunch just got that much easier.

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