The 4 Hair Saviors You Should Never Skip

We are huge fans of any regimen that can get us out the door fast — especially when it comes to our hair. So, we cut corners in order to save a bit of time, skipping products left and right. Truthfully, though, the heat protectant that's been collecting dust in your bathroom (admit it, it's there) is the key to bringing your locks from blah to blissful. Guess what — it's not alone. There are a handful of tools we regularly overlook that can help keep our tresses in tip-top shape.
But, how do you know which items are worth the added grooming time? We had a chat with Ryan Stone, hairstylist for Salon SCK in NYC, about what your hair actually needs and what products you can let rest on the shelf. Click through to get a better idea about the buys that are best for your coiff — you're going to want to spend an extra few minutes with these miracle workers.

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