5 Crystals That’ll Protect You When Ghost Hunting

produced by Julie Borowsky; produced by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez; photographed by Megan Madden; modeled by Milana Baker.
'Tis the season to be spooky — and whether your limit for scares maxes out at Scooby-Doo or Paranormal Activity, you likely have ghosts on the brain.
If you've been preoccupied with all things paranormal ever since October began (and you happen to be on the healing crystal bandwagon), you're in luck. Certain varieties of gems are believed to have protective powers against ghosts. Some function like a spiritual shield against negativity, while others ground the user and help them remain calm. Whatever their exact properties are, you won't see us taking a walk past a cemetery without them in our pockets.
Whether you believe in ghosts or haven't thought about them since childhood, it never hurts to have a protective crystal or two lying around. Ahead, check out our picks for spiritually protective crystals.

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