Have You Heard Of Hardcourt Bike Polo?

While there are plenty of sports fanatics here at the office (though most are not on the edit team), even the most athletic of the bunch were stumped when we brought up Hardcourt Bike Polo. If you've heard of it, props, but for those not in the know, it's similar to the Polo you play on horses, except with bikes. Two teams of three players use mallets to strike a small ball into a goal. Though it started small in Seattle a decade ago, today there are over 180 teams all over the world. Khakis brand Dockers, in its own quest to update the traditional, is getting in on the Hardcourt craze, sponsoring NYC team "The Profane Lobotomy" (the team names kill us!), who recently chased the title of the 2010 World Champions in Berlin, though Milwaukee's Beaver Boys eventually took top prize (Neither Tough Shit or Joel and the Janky Mallets did so well either). The dudes from Lobotomy, Paul Rauen, Doug Dalrymple, and Zach Blackburn, sported a plethora of slim-fit Dockers, so even though they didn't score trophy, they at least looked good trying.

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