Happy Family: The Selby at Home With Obedient Sons and Daughters

We always look forward to seeing the next Obedient Sons and Daughters show, not just because we love the clothes they send down the runway, but because after the show, we usually run into husband-and-wife design team Swaim and Christina Hutson. Aren't they just the cutest couple? Recently, photographer Todd Selby, who's made quite a reputation for himself with his self-titled photoblog showcasing various creatives in their very creative apartments, followed the Hutsons home to see how they live. The results were as fashionable and adorable as we expected (guitars everywhere, Jonathan Adler housewares, tulle as decor). What we weren't expecting is that there little daughter, Lowe, would completely steal the show. Aww, look at that little scenester in the making. We could just eat you up. (The Selby)


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