How To Talk To Your Stylist

You sit down in the salon's chair, brimming with anticipation, and visualize your perfect style. You can see the exact cut and color you want in your head so clearly that you don't think anything could go wrong. You're excited — and a little nervous.
And then, your stylist asks you what you want done and, all of a sudden, your mind goes blank. During this brain fart, you’re only able to muster up a shoddy description of the look you’re going for. You realize that you don't have the right words after all. You thought about bringing photos for inspiration, but you either forgot, felt silly about it, or couldn't find any.
You start to panic and vividly imagine a cut gone wrong. Then, you start hearing words like "movement," "balayage," and "piece-y." What the hell? Your stylist starts cutting, and you sit there helpless, kicking yourself for not preparing better. So, what now?
The hair language barrier can be a real bitch. It can lead to cuts that are all kinds of "nope" and shades you hate. It's no one's fault — just a glitch in the matrix of stylist-client communication. A natural phenomenon that could leave you disappointed and wearing a hat for the next two months. Luckily, you can easily avoid these things with a few simple adjustments!
Follow these seven steps for talking to your stylist, and start getting the hair you actually want.

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