Don’t Hide Your Roots — Rock Them!

Taking the platinum plunge seems to be in vogue of late. Everywhere you look these days someone else has crossed over to the light-and-bright side — platinum, violet-white, and Champagne blondes alike.
But, if you’re considering making a single-process commitment to your own hair, there are a couple major factors to take into account. First, no matter how fastidious/co-dependent you are with your colorist, visible roots will happen. Second, if you find yourself loving the light locks but aren’t so sure about the upkeep, remember that a visit to the salon for touch-ups every four, six, or (eek) eight weeks can end up costing enough to equal a year’s rent in NYC — or an Hermès Birkin bag.
But, who says you have to hide your roots? There's something very cool, in a laid-back kind of way, about an ultra-blonde with dark roots — provided you do it right. I have been a platinum blonde for about six months now, and since switching up my shade, I’ve learned a lot about my hair care, including how to embrace a little or a lot of root.
Click through to learn my favorite ways to maintain and celebrate this most epic of lazy-girl 'dos.

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