Which Brush Is Right For Your Hair?

Hair. Sometimes it feels like it has a mind of its own, poofing where it shouldn’t, laying stubbornly flat on your head, curling in that weird way you still don’t know why. And, while it’s easy to blame the sea of products that promise to lift, volumize, and give life to your locks, most of us don’t realize the “mane” culprit for our stressed tresses may actually be our brushes.
The right brush will massage your scalp; help distribute oils; and help your hair grow longer, stronger, and more lustrous. But, the wrong brush can create frizz, knots, and even break your hair. There is certainly no lack of brushes to choose from, but keep in mind that each style is designed for a specific purpose or hair type. Ahead, we break down the most common brushes and the hair type or task they are best suited for.
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