Grumpy Cat Pasties Exist, Pinnacle Of Wrongness Reached

Photo: Courtesy of MontabahnPasties
Having personally met, petted, and spent serious QT with Tardar Sauce — a.k.a Grumpy Cat — herself, we can report that she is as sweet, pure, and innocent as can be. Sure, maybe our pal Tard isn't quick on the uptake, but there isn't a naughty bone in her fluffy, tiny body — no, sir!
That's why we can't for the life of us figure out why someone would even bother to conflate our friend Tard with the very adult art of burlesque and create Grumpy Cat nipple pasties. Folks, we're outraged.
We can't deny that plenty of skill and thought must have gone into the creation of these...sigh...nipple accessories. The people at MontabahnPasties on Etsy certainly know their craft. And, yes, 50% percent of all profits from sales of these web-traffic-generating abominations will go to the SPCA International — apparently, they're evil objects serving a good cause.
But still, this is wrong — wrong in ways we can't even put into words. We can just imagine the expression on poor ol' Tard's face when she sees these horrors. Yeah, that's it. (The Frisky)

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