I Tried 5 Grocery Delivery Services To See If They're Worth It

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
I hate grocery shopping. In theory, it should be this calming time where I get to linger over the season’s fresh produce and admire exotic meats and cheeses. In reality, I live in New York, so there are always lines, nothing is organized logically, and I have to schlep back everything on the subway, which will always be crowded because the law of public transportation says it should always be the most crowded train when you have the most bags to carry.
It doesn’t take much for me to give up on it all and just Seamless another week more. However, just like meal services, grocery services are popping up more and more, and are available in more and more cities. Could shopping for groceries in my PJs be my new future — and even allow me to cut down on eating out in the process? I knew I wouldn't save money, but sometimes, saving time is worth the extra few bucks.
I tried out five popular services to see what I could learn.

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