5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Mar 08 2015

Illustrated by Mike Garten.
Celery isn't just for garnishing a plate of appetizers; it’s also the perfect ingredient to balance the bitter flavor of other greens in a juice. Think twice before you add an apple to the mix, though — for fiber content, you’re better off just eating it. (Self) Feeling anxious? Alice Boyes, PhD, author of The Anxiety Toolkit, shared some tips on how to deal with common anxiety traps. If you find yourself avoiding anxiety-triggering situations, “find some small ways to expose yourself to whatever it is you fear,” Dr. Boyes explains. “You can expose yourself in a way that might make you feel a little bit nervous, but [you know] you can handle it.” The secret to running your first half-marathon might be to run with your best friend. Shape reports that “women now make up 57% of the running population,” possibly due to the camaraderie among female runners. In this piece, one woman opens up about why she prefers to run alongside other women. (Shape) Before you commit to that daily green juice or a liver detox of lemon-cayenne water, Science Babe is here to set common food myths straight. One of these misconceptions includes eliminating refined sugar: Science Babe explains that “your body doesn't know the difference [between sugar that comes from] GMO sugar beets or maple." When you go grocery shopping this weekend, keep an eye out for these produce items, which have been found to contain the most pesticides. The latest version of the Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce, from the Environmental Working Group, was just released — and apples claimed the number-one spot for the fifth consecutive issue. (Well + Good)

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