This Personal, Offbeat Artwork Is Brilliant

Photo by Alpha Smoot, courtesy of Cup of Jo.
You can spend a fortune on expensive artwork, but the best pieces are always ones that have personal meaning. Prints and sculptures that bring back a memory or make you think of a certain someone are always superior — and they create a more eclectic mix. 

So, we were smitten when we saw graphic designer Linsey Laidlaw’s unusual statement image in her Brooklyn home. Propped atop her mantelpiece is an X-ray of a ring in her son, Oliver's, stomach. "The funny thing is, it was actually a CTR ring, which stands for 'Choose the Right.' It's supposed to remind you to make good choices, and it's now a running joke in our family, since he did the exact opposite!" We have to give her props for turning the evidence of a traumatic ordeal into a poignant memento. Also, her simply hanging it with a piece of washi tape is as unfussy as it gets. Click on for the rest of her great tips and home tour on Cup of Jo


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