Learn The Art Of Boozing & Schmoozing From A GQ Expert

For most dudes in our lives, boozing comes naturally (have you seen a frat bro take down a Heineken lately?), but it's the rest of socializing that's a little more difficult. Climbing the social ladder, and schmoozing in general, often comes easier for the fairer sex. To help a brother out (literally), GQ correspondent Glenn O'Brien has been dispatching sage advice from the front lines of the hottest parties, doling out tips on everything from dressing sharp, decorating your apartment, and hanging out with celebs.
Now, to commemorate his years of social service, the men's mag released a new special edition issue featuring the best of the best from Glenn's column, The Style Guy. The Style Guy — Foolproof Solutions For Looking Your Best And Succeeding In The World features 13 years of style advice, as well as all the celebrity photography documenting his conquests.
We got a look at the tome, and we're bringing you Glenn's Guide To Friendship, Schmoozing, And Social Advancement — his list of tip for all things social climbing. Read on, share with your BF, and let it all sink in — except maybe the one about being friends with your ex.
1. Be open to friendship with youngsters. Genius knows no generation
2. It's normal to like coworkers. Where else is a workaholic going to meet anyone?
3. Express all of your personalities.
4. You meet more people if you are on TV.
5. It's good to stay friends with exes.
6. Some beautiful people have equally beautiful minds.
7. People remember a good listener better than a good talker.
8. Don't prejudge. You never know who'll turn out to be a wine connoisseur.
9. Nobody likes free more than a rich friend.
10. Nobody ever buys the rich and famous dinner. They'll notice.
11. Never judge a person's heart or soul by his clothes or act.
12. People love theme parties.
13. When you have a party, don't round up just the usual suspects.
14. Make friends from other countries, cities, and boroughs.
Photo: Courtesy of GQ

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