5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 12 2010

Karl Lagerfeld explains why Coco Chanel "lost her power, and in the end no one cared about what she did." And the Kaiser reveals one more of life's big secrets to those of us mere mortals who've been living in the dark. (The Cut)
The Vagina Facial is now a thing. And you thought getting waxed was awkward... (Harpers Bazaar)
Jennifer Hudson did a disservice to her truly bangin' bod by wearing a skintight bodysuit that left little to the imagination... to the airport. Oh, honey... (Stylelist)
Rumor patrol: Google is supposedly launching an ecommerce site with "major designers." Is there anything Google can't do? (Fashionologie)
This $40 lotion allegedly repells bedbugs. We're thinking of making it mandatory that everyone in our NYC office slather themselves with this repeatedly, just in case it actually works. (Fashionista)

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