Get The Best Skin Of Your Life (And Keep It)

We can think of several times a crystal ball would have come in handy...such as the time when we thought it would be a good idea to get a butterfly tattoo when we were 16. Or the time we dated the dude with the Mohawk that we thought was so hot, also when we were 16 (and again when we were 22…and, you know, who's counting?).
While we don't exactly have future-reading powers, we do know that there are ways to ensure that our skin will look great now, and down the line — so although we'll be much wiser than we were at 16, we'll still have that youthful glow of our teenage years.
It's a buzzkill, but it's true: what we do to our skin now will affect how our complexions will look and feel in the future — from sun spots to wrinkles to crepiness, all are related to good skin care and health habits. So, to ensure that we all have the healthiest skin of our respective lifetimes, we've found out what to do to have gorgeous skin now and later. So even without the crystal ball, we won’t regret the skin choices we made...unlike that questionable tattoo.
Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh

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