Ski Goggle Tans — So Hot Right Now

We’ll preface by saying that this might the wackiest beauty trend we’ve laid our eyes on in a really long time. It's one for the (reservation) books. The Daily Mail has unmasked a select group of tanning booth goers who bask in the artificial UV wearing nothing but — yes, ski goggles — to achieve the après-ski look without actually, you know, the physical exertion and cumbersome ski suit. Bizarre, right?
A raccoon-style frame around the eyes, this far-out tanning line has gotten so popular, one London salon even started providing ski goggles to its customers. (The best part? It’s not even ski season yet.) We’re trying to wrap our minds around why anyone would want to step into a tanning both knowing the health risks, let alone wanting to come out looking like a sun-fried skier. Here’s to hoping this trend doesn’t catch on across the pond. (Daily Mail)
openerPhoto: Via Daily Mail.

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