Season 2 Of Go Off, Sis Gets Real About Black Excellence In The Time Of COVID

If making small talk with a handprint on a volleyball is starting to sound pretty good right now (same), here comes some new, nod-along-in-agreement quar-entertainment to save the day: season 2 of Go Off, Sis, the podcast from Refinery29's Unbothered sub-brand.
The six-episode run, which premieres Thursday, May 14, launches with some real talk about COVID-19, covering everything from WFH life and social distancing to the very real, widespread effect on our communities around the world. 
"Particularly, as Black women, I feel like we constantly want to show up," says Danielle Cadet, host and managing editor of Unbothered. "Some of that has carried over in that I feel like the same way that I overly [tried] to show up in the office, I'm trying to translate to this work-from-home situation. Do I look cute on this Zoom call? Let me make sure my hair is done. Let me make sure I'm doing all of this. And I'm like, I definitely have to have some grace with myself. This is not normal. I'm not going to have the same type of productivity that I would in a pre-COVID world."
Later on, the conversation spans topics from love to wellness to the culturally complicated dynamics of getting that paper, with a special appearance from actress, author, and wellness entrepreneur Tia Mowry. It's here that she goes into her favorite quarantine recipes, why it's necessary to create representation on-screen, and how she's bridging the gap of inclusivity in the wellness industry with her new Anser line.
"It's not really about me," Mowry says. "It's about me inspiring. It's about me trying to change the narrative."
Listen to first podcast episode of season 2, below.

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