22 Snacks With A Hidden Secret

I’ve been gluten-free for three years, a decision that was spurred by a debilitating sickness that began during my time abroad in Italy (a.k.a. gluten-central). “Gluten” is a broad term for several proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye, and it quickly became my nemesis. Several doctor visits later, I’m 100% gluten-free and avoid all cross-contamination — nothing fried in the same oil, water, or cooked near flour-laden items.
Because of my restrictions, I like to have gluten-free snacks on hand at all times. I’ve also got extremely high standards, and I won’t spend my money on something that doesn’t taste just as good as its glutenous counterpart. Compromise is not an option. As such, I’ve spent the last few years tasting hundreds of different snacks and whittled the list down to my favorites.
Ahead, find 22 snacks that I would argue are just as good as the non-gluten-free versions.

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