5 Gluten-Free Dishes In S.F. That Are Far From Nasty

It’s no surprise that our fair city boasts some of the tastiest vegan and veggie chow around, but there is another foodie favorite popping up on menus across the city—gluten-free fare. And while it certainly has a heap of health benefits, it shouldn’t mean you have to opt for ho-hum grub. If you’re one of the many San Franciscans who’ve bid wheat-based protein adieu, but are on the hunt for an enticing eatery, you can still dine at S.F.’s hottest restos. We scoured the Bay for five amazing, “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-gluten” dishes. Whether you’re gluten-averse or just want to give a sans-gluten feast a whirl, your dining experience isn't complete until you've sampled these delicious delights. Get ready for some gluten-free gluttony!