You Have To Check Out How We Celebrated The Girls Finale

"Life, man. I can't guarantee perfection, but I can guarantee intrigue."
For the Girls fans out there, you might remember Hannah uttering these words to newborn baby Sample in the season 4 finale of the HBO series. And boy, did she hit the nail on the head with that one.
You see, the Girls group was far from perfect. They were narcissistic, childish, and often shortsighted. They stole each other's boyfriends, hid secrets from one another, found themselves in jail and rehab, slept with people they shouldn't have, married people they shouldn't have, and so on. They made mistakes that felt authentic — yet consistently grew from them and supported each other along the way.
They learned to happy dance together, wordlessly slip into each other's beds, cry to each other, and even bathe together (yep, that happened). That raw, vulnerable take on female friendship was exactly what made peering into the lives of Hannah Horvath and co. so deeply irresistible for six seasons.
So, we wanted to honor the end of the series in the only way that seemed fitting: by putting on a retrospective event with HBO that allowed Girls fans to experience the emotional, relatable journey all over again. Ahead, you can see some of the real-life memorabilia and set pieces that helped bring the show to life, along with an epic recreation of Hannah's apartment and an illustrated gallery touching on some of the finest moments from the show.
Farewell, Girls. You weren't perfect, but damn you were intriguing.

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