The Best Gifts For The S.O. Who Has Everything

Photographed By Shana Novak.
If only shopping for your number one squeeze were as easy as they make it look in jewelry commercials — here's a piece of jewelry, here's a watch, here's some other gender-stereotyped accessory that shows how much I love you, and we're done! This is the only time of year when loving someone with a unique personality and desires can be a drawback. And what if your significant other seems already to possess all the fabulous items we've suggested in the myriad gift guides that precede this one?
Fortunately (?), we do live in a massively consumer-driven society, so we have not yet run out of options to suggest. When you're buying for someone who seems to have all the worldly goods they could possibly want, you have some options: First, you can go for experiences rather than things — tickets to shows, trips, couples classes, etc. Those aren't as fun to unwrap, though, so we suggest buying a little something extra to go along with whatever printed ticket or confirmation email you've got to accompany this abstract gift. Second, there are certain items that are great to have more than one of — tools, underwear, warm layers. Third, there may still be unexpected, unusual, or completely personalized gifts even your partner has no idea they'd love to receive.
That last category is elusive, and even a little risky, but it's also the most gratifying when you manage to nail it. We hope that this list either contains the perfect gift for your S.O. this holiday season, or at least has some ideas that can lead you in the right direction. Hey, anything is better than a book of cuddle coupons!

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