These Big Brother Contestants Are Oblivious To The Coronavirus Pandemic

While the entire globe struggles to fight against the COVID-19 outbreak that has so far claimed 7,100 lives and infected 182,400 worldwide, a group of reality tv contestants in Germany are enjoying luxury food and hot tubs and have no idea of the pandemic happening in the real world.
Big Brother Germany contestants are currently isolated in a house in Cologne and have been cut off from the rest of the world since February 6 While four others were added to the house a month later on March 6 - three days before the first COVID-19 death in Germany - they were told not to inform the rest of the contestants about the outbreak.
The broadcasters initially agreed on Saturday not to tell the contestants but now they have decided to inform them in a special live broadcast on Tuesday night, according to German broadcaster SAT 1.
The 14 men and women will be given the chance to contact loved ones and family members, as well as ask questions about the recent outbreak. Germany has close to 7,000 confirmed infections with 14 deaths at the time of writing.
The show's host Jochen Schropp and its resident doctor will inform housemates about the growing pandemic on Tuesday. It is expected that the group will be told about the number of cases in Germany, and will be able to contact family members and loved ones, as well as ask any questions they may have.
The contestants will also be told about German Chancellor Angela Merkel's new restrictions to public life including the closure of bars and restaurants along with the prohibition of religious gatherings and non-essential travel, as well as the situation worldwide.
Other Big Brother contestants taking part in the show around the world in Canada and Brazil are aware of the coronavirus outbreak.
The World Health Organization says you can protect yourself by washing your hands, covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing (ideally with a tissue), avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth and don't get too close to people who are coughing, sneezing or with a fever. If you suspect you have the symptoms of COVID-19 you should call NHS 111 and stay indoors.
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