This Local Designer Wins At The S.F. Summertime Dressing Game

San Francisco has a laundry list of bragging rights: gorgeous backdrops, the world’s hub of techie innovation, a leader in the culinary landscape and fashion design. Well, maybe we tacked that last one on there, but S.F. sure is proving a case for it recently with standout brands and designers calling the City by the Bay home.
And, one newly launched brand not only found a place on our radar but in our closets as well: the streamlined silhouettes of Georgette Crimson. Tina Reith’s sartorial works are preppy pieces peppered with modern touches that infuse classic elegance into every thread. It’s pretty much become the uniform of S.F. girls (or at least this S.F. girl), which is why we moseyed over to Reith’s downtown digs to see how she styles her own looks when she’s not designing up a storm. The result? Four dreamy ensembles we want to copy — and we guarantee you’ll feel the same.
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Photographed by Ashley Batz.
Tell us what you do.
"I design, develop, and manufacture curated capsule collections that realign with the real season. Georgette Crimson is all about getting beautiful things to girls on the timeline they live on."

What was the inspiration behind starting Georgette Crimson?
"I’ve always loved drawing and making things, so it was only a matter of time that I would also start to make my own clothes. I wanted to create something artisanal, and really highlight the stories that products can tell. Each piece I make starts with a mental thread and a physical thread. What sort of mischief is Georgette getting into? What is she wearing as she does it? I’m always trying to be entertaining. The clothes we wear should be a feeling — an experience. Georgette Crimson is about adventure and harnessing that inner whimsy and having fun getting dressed. It’s a brand rooted in play, and the curiosities that surround us all, every day. "

Tina hangs out in an APC wool coat, Theory shirt, J Brand jeans, TUK shoes.
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Photographed by Ashley Batz.
How would you describe Georgette Crimson in three words?
"Whimsical. Witty. Feminine."

How did you get into design? Tell us more about your path to Georgette Crimson.
"I’ve always sketched, but to turn a concept into a well-executed design that is wearable is another feat in and of itself. All of this is to say that Georgette Crimson has been years in the making. It’s all about keeping the playful spirit alive. After working within the fashion industry for 12 years, you learn a little about your likes, dislikes, and your passions. I’ve been fortunate to work with many talented people who have mentored me in design, development, production, and life. It’s really important to love what you do. After years of making apparel and accessories for other companies, I finally decided to share my aesthetic vision and start Georgette Crimson."
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Photographed by Ashley Batz.
How does living in S.F. impact your style?
"I find myself bundled up more so than when I lived in L.A. It impacted me so much that I designed a mid-weight coat for my debut SS14 collection. Form meets function."
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Photographed by Ashley Batz.
Your line is very much full of standout silhouettes and basics — would you say you are a minimalist?
"I guess I just tend to gravitate towards clean lines with well-defined shapes that house delicious details. Georgette Crimson is a playful brand that is also very much about form and function. I am passionate about the details. Nothing beats impeccable tailoring, custom buttons, a pop of color on the bias tape, and cozy pockets to greet you with a silky hello. It’s really powerful to put on something seemingly simple and then find little surprises as you wear it more and more. "

Tina stuns in a Fitted Blazer by VPL, Ruffle Neck Top by Georgette Crimson, Acne jeans, and Dieppa Restrepo shoes.
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Photographed by Ashley Batz.
How would you describe your style?
"Nostalgic and unapologetically feminine; playful, yet sophisticated."

What’s your favorite piece from your collection?
"The Frontier Coat is my favorite piece. You slip it on and you feel like it’s going to take you on an adventure."
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Photographed by Ashley Batz.
Having recently launched your line, what’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
"It’s really hard to do this by yourself. Sometimes, it would be nice to have to another brain helping out on certain aspects of the business."
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Photographed by Ashley Batz.
You collaborated with Half Hitch Goods — what other local brands and stores are you excited about?
"Carrie from Half Hitch is the best and I can’t wait to work with her again. It was great to get out and just talk to people and show them my collection. It was refreshing to be able to do this directly with the public since Georgette Crimson is based online. That said, I’m definitely excited to be able to bring my brand to new markets and partner with like-minded boutiques that share an appreciation for artisanal curation. Locally, I’d love to do something with Mill Mercantile or the Voyager Shop. "

Peekaboo! Tina in a vintage dress and Madewell shoes.
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Photographed by Ashley Batz.
Who are some of your design icons?
"Francoise Hardy and Anna Karina are my go-to muses. Francoise Hardy for her music, her style, and her quiet charm. Anna Karina for her French New Wave awesomeness. She is quite simply my ideal of cinematic chic."
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Photographed by Ashley Batz.
Tell us about the name.
"I wanted my line to channel a character, so I had to develop one: Georgette Crimson. Georgette is both a fabric type and a name that I’ve always loved. Georgette the fabric is incredibly light and playful, which seemed on point for who I wanted to create clothes for. At the time, I was listening to a lot of old vinyl and reading all of the lyrics and song names. I find a lot of my inspiration through music and film. Anyway, I put on an album by the early prog rock band King Crimson and just fell in love with the crimson part of the name. It’s passionate. Brooding. A symbol for love. I think there is a nice tension that happens between the super playful Georgette and the darker side of Crimson."
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Photographed by Ashley Batz.
What’s your accessorizing philosophy?
"I always think of a Chopin quote my boyfriend told me: Simplicity is the final achievement."

Speaking of, you are starting to make accessories — tell us about that.
"Yes! I am currently developing a bag and a few other small goods that I hope to bring to market soon. It’s always been the plan, now just feels like the time to start."

Rachel Comey jacket, Georgette Crimson Pinafore Dress, Opening Ceremony shoes.
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Photographed by Ashley Batz.
What piece of advice would you give to young and aspiring designers?
"You always need help. Listen to others. Listen to yourself, and understand your vision. Find someone to counsel you; mentors are a must. Oh, and remember to play!"
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Photographed by Ashley Batz.
What’s next for Georgette Crimson?
"Accessories. Bringing my brand to new cities. Expanding my SKU count. The future is a bright place, ripe for collaboration, and I’m excited!"

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