Is This Chicago's Most Sartorially Savvy Band?

Tomorrow night, Chicago's own Gemini Club will take the stage at Double Door in Wicker Park. If you like to, you, we think it's a pretty safe bet, since this three-piece electro-indie dance band is on a mission to make you move. To begin your band crush, we've got a song waiting for you below, but first get to know the boys a little better and read what happened when we had a chat with lead singer Tom Gavin about the group's (sartorial) style. We were impressed by their awareness of how clothes can make the band, and we're seriously thinking about turning them into our new shopping buddies. Grab tickets to Thursday's show for you and your ladies here, and wear dancin' shoes, for real.
Double Door, 1572 North Milwaukee Avenue (at Milwaukee, North, and Damen avenues); 773-489-3160.
How would you describe your style as a band?
"Gemini Club's style is unique to each member. Gordon probably looks like he's in a band more than Dan and me, and that can be attributed to hoodies halfway covering the head, skinny jeans and high top sneakers. He generally wears gray, black or white. Dan is mainly a T-shirt and jeans guy, but lately he's been donning these Top Man sport coats that dress up his usual looks.
I probably spend too much money on clothes. No, I do. I'm deeply interested in clothing produced in this country, and go out of my way to purchase garments made to last. Mixing rugged workwear pieces with more refined, dressy pieces allows me to go from my day job to gigs without having to change."
Is there any method to what you wear when you perform?
"You have to consider sweat. The whole leather jacket thing is cool–trust me I wore one on a 90 degree night at North Coast this year–but you end up absolutely soaked. Which is fine. I just prefer to not feel like I'm performing in a hot tub."
What do you love most about playing shows in Chicago?
"At this point, there is a collective of artists in Chicago that we consider friends and everyone comes to each other's shows. That's what I love most about Chicago, the supportive community that has been built by the hard work and passion of talented folks who genuinely want to see one another succeed.
Where do you love to shop in Chicago?
"Oh God. Haberdash–who just opened a shoe and accessories store. Penelope's. Brooks Brothers. Barney's. Levi's. Top Man. This rad western store called Alcalas. For furniture, Salvage One, Urbain Remains, and State Street Salvage are all great."
If you could wear anything on stage, what would it be?
"Hmmm. I'd probably have to pick underwear. I mean, if it's one thing?"
Who is the best/worst driver on tour?
"Dan is the best driver in the history of drivers. Dale Earnhardt Jr. texts him all the time for tips and it really bugs him."
What is the coolest thing you've found on tour?
"We came across a fireworks store in Missouri and may have spent a hundred bucks on all sorts of dangerous explosives. My favorite were these four foot long bottle rockets. Gordon and I (drunkenly) thought it would be a great idea set it off in a tightly-packed, residential backyard at one in the morning. We snuck outside, stuck the thing in the ground and lit it. To our horror–right before the fuse ended–the rocket tipped over and went scorching, barely over a wooden fence and proceeded to hiss and scream at head-height before finally blowing up in a neighbor's tree–a few houses down. So yeah, that was the coolest thing."
Photo: Michael Donovan

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