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Wings & Horns lays the groundwork for a cool new sneaker hybrid. By Jennifer Oluwole
wingshornssneakersopen.jpgJust when you think you've seen the last possible variation of the classic sneaker re-spun for modern times, in walks another contender to take the competition to task. Canadian designers Wings & Horns steps up the trainer game with their cool and clean interpretation of the ideal high top hybrid, a shoe that bucks the trends but still manages to be a contemporary player.
Crafted in Italy from hearty cowhide, this durable design—not your average throwaway—is the first example of Wings & Horns inaugural shoe collection and is sure to win the hearts of prototypical sneaker addicts everywhere. A brilliant blend of classic tennis shoe and court-ready high-top (with a combat-inspired sole thrown in for good measure), our favorite new men's shoe is made even more appealing by a nifty vertical zipper that renders those cumbersome laces obsolete, even though the ties here are still entirely functional. For all you guys on the go, running off to that next meeting, game, or backyard barbecue, these sleek kicks will keep you moving…white lightening, indeed.
Wings + Horns high-cut leather sneakers, $360, available in Costa Mesa at Carve, 2930 Bristol Street; 714-434-0166 and in Seattle at Blackbird, 5410 22nd Avenue NW; 206-547-2524. For more information, go to
Wings & Horns lays the groundwork for a cool new sneaker hybrid.

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