An Interior Designer Created Rooms Based On The Game of Thrones Houses

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Be honest, don't you sometimes miss having a themed bedroom devoted to your favorite things, the way you might have had as a kid? (Mine was unicorns EVERYWHERE.) To our great joy, the folks at design site Modsy know this yearning deep within our fangirl and –boy hearts, and they have shown us the way to make a real, grown-up homage to Game of Thrones.
We're not talking character posters, printed sheets, and armchairs made to look like the Iron Throne here. Nor are these replicas of, say Cersei's decadent bedroom or the tent from Daenerys' days on the road with her Dothraki khalasar, though, sure, those would be fun to spend a few nights in — get on that, hoteliers of the world.
What we have here are grown-up rooms, inspired by four major houses of the Seven Kingdoms, plus a bonus White Walkers room, because those guys were rather specific with their aesthetic too. The spaces don't scream Game of Thrones, but if you're looking, they will remind you of that world. And that's something we might need once we're in GoT withdrawal after the finale.

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