Amazing ’90s Trend Returns: The Furby Is Back!

Guys, this is not your childhood Furby. This isn't the little animatronic terror that babbled at you incoherently and wouldn't shut off unless you stripped it of its batteries. In fact, the soon-to-be launched revamp of the Hasbro craze is totally today — with an iPad app, experiential learning, and animated eyes (we are certain there is some sort of social-networking component in there, too).
But some things never change. The new Furby, which will be out this fall and costs a Fur-sturbing amount of $60, still won't stop chattering unless you leave or de-power the little creature. And, sadly, hanging it upside down and shaking it only makes it excited. See the reincarnation of the '98 hair-pullingly intense craze below. Oh Furby, we were so lost without you...(NY Times)

Photo: Via ChildrensTech

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