From Jay-Z To Duke Ellington, Here Are 12 Of The Best-Dressed Men

We've already put together our list of who we think qualify as the best-dressed men , but Esquire magazine has gone above and beyond and come up with the 75 most stylish dudes since people started wearing clothes. From Richie Tenenbaum to John Calvin (yep, the theologian), they've dissected their style secrets to dispense to all of us. Below, we've taken our favorite of the bunch who have taken it upon themselves to dispel the notion that men are the lesser of the sexes when it comes to fine dressing. Click through to see who made the cut! (Esquire)
Above, from left: Cary Grant: The number one reason for why men should tailor their suits; Clint Eastwood: Even though he's in a sweatervest, can't you smell the testosterone emanating from him?
Above, from left: Steve McQueen: There's something to be said about a man who can make khakis and sweaters look like a 3-piece suit; Duke Ellington: Just look at that velvet jacket and tell me he isn't the chillest looking guy ever.
Above, from left: Arnold Palmer: Tell your local Applebees that their most popular drink was named after one of the most dapper dressers around; Jay-Z: proves that black leather and sunglasses are always a magical combination.
Above, from left: Keith Richards: Sure, he still dresses like a slutty pirate, but he does it with such panache!; F. Scott Fitzgerald: He might have been the first and last guy to pull off the slicked center-part.
Above, from left: Serge Gainsbourg: Father to one of fashion's hottest darlings (Charlotte Gainsbourg), the man wasn't a half-bad dresser himself; Beau Brummell: father of the suit+necktie combo, and allegedly took 5 hours to get ready.

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