From Aladdin Sane to Purple Rain: The 12 Most Stylish Album Covers Of All Time

Sure, they say fashion and music often go hand in hand, but just how much do designers rely on music for inspiration? These classic albums show Adam Ant wearing what seems to be a Balmain jacket and the Cars' cover seems eerily similar to a certain Alexander Wang campaign starring Missy Rayder. Click after the jump for our most iconic and devastatingly stylish album covers of all time and see for yourself. Damien Hirst, eat your heart out.

The Beatles—Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: Everyone from Erin Wasson to Jane Aldridge seems to be coveting the military look these days.
Patti Smith—Horses: The cover that spawned the girls as boys (and vice versa) revolution.
David Bowie—Aladdin Sane: Long before the fashion mullet and the days of Natasha Kahn came David Bowie.
Prince—Purple Rain: Prince was well ahead of his time when he featured ditsy florals (everywhere this season) to purple (the go-to color of last season) on his cover.
Grace Jones—Nightclubbing: Wonder if Kanye's new squeeze, Amber Rose, got her inspiration right here?
Michael Jackson—Thriller: Look at the black zipper blouse! The leopard-print pocket scarf! That white two-piece suit! MJ can do no wrong.
Sonic Youth—Goo: With all the bangs and ray-bans on this cover you'd think you were in Williamsburg on a sunny afternoon.
The Cars—Candy-O: Clearly the inspiration for Alexander Wang's spring/summer '09 campaign featuring Missy Rayder, no?
Ramones—Ramones: The cover that gave birth to that devil-may-care punk rock look every kid on St.Marks is sporting these days.
Madonna—Like A Virgin: We swear we saw that corset in Topshop, and in Elle, and on a girl riding the subway this morning, and...
Adam and the Ants—The Very Best Of: Adam may or may not be responsible for all those jackets that gave birth to the recent wave of Balmania, but he'll always be the original bandleader in our hearts.
Heart—Little Queen: The original purveyors of Ren Fair fashion. Suede cloaks and velvet blazers? Yes, please.

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