Frocking the Vote 2008: The Best of Our Election Coverage

Whether today's voting results in a clear win for "That One," the Maverick or —please God, no—some kind of electoral ooopsfuck, campaign 2008 will soon be more over than keffiyehs. Just to recount (sorry, bad word choice) we began our coverage of the season with some unsavory primary characters, a tight democratic race with tight pantsuits, and one very stylish Dem convention. Even as politics was cropping up everywhere, things were still about even when McCain introduced his Vogue-worthy (if not vote worthy) VP choice and rolled his pack of elephants into their own convention. Polls were still neck and neck for a while, but then second thoughts, a diving Wall Street, a massive publicity campaign, VP questions, and even more VP questions, began to turn the tide against the Republicans. Grassroots efforts and economic doubts seemed to cement an apparent Obama lead. Crafty marketing, fashionable partisan apparel, convention street style, storefront stumping, that $150,000—we've followed all the fashionable turns of Obama vs. McCain. Now it's all history—'cept for the voting and the counting, of course. So put down that yogurt, step away from the mouse, and vote. Just remember to come back for our essential analysis of victory/concession speech neckwear.

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