We’d Eat An Egg On Top Of Almost Anything

I've always loved eggs, but, growing up, they were relegated to breakfast. Because no one had the time or energy to try to serve my sister and I (neither of us morning people) a warm breakfast, that meant eggs were furthermore limited to the weekend. It wasn't until I learned that, in other cultures, eggs were eaten at all meals, did I begin to suspect that this mornings-only way of thinking about eggs was a little, shall I say, cracked. (Pun intended.)
These days, I'm likely to be eating a fried egg at just about any meal. For breakfast, it's a great way to start the day. For lunch or dinner, it's a cheap, quick, and nourishing way to fill up fast. Sometimes, that means a meal is simple eggs and toast. Other times, I want something a little more creative. Thankfully, there's no limit to the types of dishes that eggs can improve, from rice to chicken — and here are eight ways to do just that.

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