This Is Our Jam: Frank Ocean, "White"

Frank Ocean has always stood out against the backdrop of the raucous O.F.W.G.K.T.A. gang. He’s the sole R&B singer of the crew; he’s older than the other members by a few years; his lyrics never really veered into the violent, misogynistic, or homophobic. So, with Odd Future releasing their second posse album OF Tape Vol. 2 today, Ocean’s solo track is certainly an album highlight — the high point on the tape along with Earl Sweatshirt’s much talked about return from exile.
Ocean’s solo track, “White,” is a ruminative two minutes of spare, piano-accompanied R&B about getting a little bit older. Ocean sounds wise and accepting, if melancholic about his 23 years on the planet: “What if my wild friends / and the times I’ve had with them / All fade to gray soon,” wonders Ocean, probably about the Odd Future crew that surround him on the album. As we listen the now stale controversy and ADHD noise fades, and it’s just Frank taking a minute to come to terms. Then, it’s back to the dick jokes. (The Fader)
Frank Ocean—OF Tape Vol. 2
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