Franca Sozzani Also Dislikes The Jersey Shore, Also America

Italian Vogue Editor in Chief Franca Sozzani is becoming something of an Energizer Bunny of bitching, as she's now turned against The Jersey Shore, Italian-Americans, and America in general in her latest blog post. Sozanni's violent distaste for The Jersey Shore and its cheeto-colored caricatures of Italian-Americans is understandable. But, man, she does not mince her words!
"Why does ugliness attract, and especially a young audience? What's so interesting about watching ugly people, poorly dressed, and that speak vulgar? Why should anyone fall down to that level? It's sounds impossible that people would want to lower themselves this much. It's ignorance, lack of real interests. It's not just Italian, I don't think a reality show on Italo-Americans, it's not acceptable. Is this what they think of us abroad? Apparently, yes."  
Not all Italians, Franca! Just eight crazy ones on T.V.! But then...
"To have other countries make fun of us, countries that don't have a history or culture, is depressing. [...] Yes, I am still shocked that in this country, a country of culture, there is a lot of trash. Milan is according to the New York Timesone of the five cities in the world to visit. An article and then nothing."
Oh, now it's personal! It's really fun to pretend to be inside Sozanni's brain and imagine a conversation between the travel editor of the NYT and the producers of The Jersey Shore cackling over a muddied Italian flag because that's exactly what cultureless Americans do to compensate for their lack of history. What's her solution to the problem?
"The ones in the government should take their responsibility and help the country put its assets forward. The country of history and culture."
*Facepalm* (Vogue Italia)
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