For Whom the Bell Tolls: Does Cate’s Razzle Dazzle?

We have no problem saying it: We love Cate Blanchett. She's never one to back away from a fashion challenge. Last night, she boldly wore a gold bejeweled bell dress from Alexander McQueen's spring/summer '09 collection. We have to hand it to her, she may not always be spot on, but she does keep us guessing in a good way—kinda like a Tilda Swinton lite. But while this super-structured bell-shape might be a tad tough to pull off (perhaps best to stay on the runway), we're all about that over-abundance of candy-colored gems...just check out that unitard! If you're feeling inspired, we've included info on how to go to your own bejeweled extremes--yes, it's the Bedazzler. You know you want one.

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