10 Chain Restaurants You Didn't Know Offer Mobile Ordering

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
How fast is fast enough when you're hungry? The answer, in our opinion, is "never fast enough." Which is why we love using apps for online ordering. With a few quick taps on an ordering app, you can place orders, cut lines, and pick up food in as little as ten minutes. Then you can get on with your day (and delicious meal), while sometimes also earning points towards rewards and free food.
In the future, we'd like to hope all our favorite foods are a few taps away. But, until that day, here are our favorite spots that already have one foot in the future with mobile ordering.
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Taco Bell's app allows users to "live mas" on the go. You can place and customize your orders at any point during the day and choose pick-up or drive-through. Once you're at any location, you can activate your order for quick pickup.
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McDonald's started experimenting with mobile ordering earlier this year, with the goal of reaching every American McDonald's by the end of the year. If you're lucky enough to live in one of the areas currently being beta tested, your order will be put through once the their app senses you are close to the restaurant. You will then be prompted to choose curbside, drive-through, or in-store pickup.

If you don't live in an area currently testing mobile ordering, you can take advantage of the app's other perks, which include rewards and coupons like free fries with purchase on Friday. (FryDay, get it?!)
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A few years ago, Domino's made waiting for pizza a little bit more fun with its Pizza Tracker, which allows the hungry to daydream about their pie as it travels to them. Now, that same wonder is available in the app, as well as voice ordering (iPhone only) and the opportunity to earn "Piece of the Pie" rewards towards a free pie.
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Jimmy John's sandwiches are known for being ready "freaky fast," and its app helps your lunch be ready even freakily faster. In addition to basic online ordering, you can save your favorite order, including customizations and location, and re-order with a few taps.
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Chipotle's ability for nearly endless customization extends to its app, where you can specify light, extra, or on the side for up to three toppings per meal. Each meal, including drinks and sides, can also have a name attached to it, making ordering for a group or office easier. Once the order is complete, you'll get a time to come pick up your order and can skip straight to the front of the line to grab.
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Running on Dunkin' is a lot more fun when you order with its mobile app, DD Perks. Not only can you earn free drinks on your birthday and at sign-up, but you also get one every time you earn 200 points. The app also features monthly deals as well as customized offers based on your favorites.
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Chick-fil-A One, the chain's app, also allows customers to place customized orders in advance that only start getting prepped once they've entered the store. App users simply have to scan the QR code they get after placing their order at the counter or Chick-fil-A One kiosk to skip the line. The app also tracks purchases and rewards users with free treats.
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Panera's app includes options for rapid pick-up for orders read within minutes, as well as advanced ordering that can allow you to specify a time and even a date. It also allows you to earn rewards through its MyPanera program.
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Of course, no mobile ordering list would be complete without Starbucks, whose app allows users to both place orders ahead of time, find out about deals and happy hours, and redeem rewards for free food and drinks.
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Another pizza chain with easy app ordering, Papa John's allows you to not even have to get up to find your computer to order pizza. The app also allows you to view local and national deals and earn rewards towards free appetizers and pizzas.

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