True Story: Florence Welch Treats Tube-Goers To Impromptu Singalong

Here's a surefire way to make those tube fare increases a bit easier to swallow: Take one pop star, put her on the Hammersmith & City line, and have her join fans in belting out one of her most famous hits.
It sounds like a scheme BoJo himself might have cooked up, but apparently Florence Welch is just that cool. The flame-haired Brit hopped on the Underground after catching the Kendrick Lamar gig at the Hammersmith Apollo last Sunday night. When fans spied her, they did what anyone might do: break into a chorus of "You've Got the Love."
Some celebs might have fled at the next stop or buried their faces into a copy of Heat, but not our Flo.
"Florence jumped on the Tube after Kendrick and, as you can imagine, every carriage was packed," a witness recounts. “At first she tried to keep a low profile but it didn’t take long for a few people to recognise her. They started singing 'You’ve Got The Love' but instead of bailing at the next stop, Florence joined in. It was brilliant. She finished 'You’ve Got The Love' before changing to the Kendrick Lamar song 'Backseat Freestyle.'”
A ballad and a rap for the price of a train ride home? It's time to top up our Oyster card. (The Sun)

Photo: Courtesy Florence + the Machine

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