This Is Our Jam: Florence And The Machine, "Never Let Me Go" (Clams Casino Remix)

There’s nothing lo-fi about Florence and the Machine. Florence’s voice is the definition of a musical tour de force, and their production tends toward the sort of expansive clarity that auteur vocalists often demand. Clams Casino’s remix of “Never Let Me Go” doesn’t quite invert that approach, but it does murk things up a bit. The traditionally hazy beat-maker has chosen to cover Florence Welch in swampy filters and crackling atmospherics. Like trying to make out something beautiful while swimming underwater, Florence loses some of her distinction in exchange for being wrapped in Casino’s crackling corona and unhinged beats. It’s a trade that benefits Casino and Florence equally, but by the time the track lurches to its epic tuba-sampling conclusion, the emphasis is squarely on The Machine. (Gorilla vs Bear)
Florence and the Machine—ALBUM
"Never Let Me Go (Clams Casino Remix)"
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