Do L.A. Girls Need To Be Nicer To Get Dates?

We've figured out where to meet men, and we've even highlighted some of the hunkiest dudes on OkCupid, but no matter how hard we try, finding Mr. Right is often more challenging than a calc test. And, after many brunch discussions and evenings spent at the bar, the general consensus is definitely the, "it's not us, it's them," theory.
Well, Badoo (a social networking site for meeting new people), just released a study that's very telling of the overabundance of single ladies in SoCal. It turns out L.A. is ranked numero uno (alongside Houston, oddly enough), for most hard-to-get when approached to chat online. Alternatively, women of Washington D.C. were twice as likely accept advances. Maybe we should all take a page from the District's playbook and let our guard down a little — actually call that guy back and give him a second chance. Or, let's vow to be more like Marina and Todd, a very spontaneous couple that got married in Santa Barbara and were featured in Bird's first lookbook.
Either way, we've done the dirty work (scouring dating sites is a hard job, but someone's got to do it!), now it's time for Angelenos to flirt like there's no tomorrow. Because, let's be real — this is one top spot L.A. folks won't mind handing off to NYC (they did get second place, after all!).
Photo: Courtesy of Bird

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