Flirt Further: Max Out Your Lashes With NoMI

There's a lot of talk about fall accessories, collars, Oxfords, etc. We're also into showing love to accessories you might not always think about, but rely on anyway. Today's shout-out goes to our lashes, those blinkable babies we couldn't flirt without. NoMI Spa loves them, too, and is hosting an entire event to prove it. Salon Lashe, NoMI, and Sarca have teamed up for Ladies Who Lashe, a chance for you to mingle, shop, and have your lashes attended to by Chicago's hottest eyelash expert, Lynette Arlene. We'll see you there tomorrow night at 6 p.m., through our new-and-improved beauties.

Salon Lashe, 34 East Oak Street (between Rush Street & Michigan Avenue); 312-867-3600.


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