10 Ways To Upgrade Your Small Space For Free

Photographed by Gunnar Larson.
We're bombarded by images of the ideal home — the apartments we should have, made perfect by the decorators we don't. Yes, we love the inspiration, but the reality falls nowhere near our budget. So, we must think outside our box-shaped studios — and get a little help from a pro interior designer like Thomas Altamirano, founder of Studio Alta.
Inspired by HGTV's new series Flipping The Block — where four teams renovate rundown condos — Altamirano's showing us how to elevate a space with zero cash. From creating vignettes with random trinkets to repurposing old books, these genius tips can turn the cheapest pieces into major statements. We might still be holding out hope to win the lottery, but we just hit the domestic jackpot. Now, it's your turn.

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